Originally created 06/04/06

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Workers confident about job security

In just six months, American workers are showing more confidence in their job security, according to a survey.

More than 80 percent of workers believe there's little to no chance they could lose their job in the coming year, an increase of five percent in six months, according to a survey of 1,000 full-time workers by Right Management.

"The slow-moving economic recovery finally seems to be taking root in workers' minds," said the company's Eileen Javers.

Only about 30 percent of people surveyed expect unemployment to rise this year, down from 45 percent half a year ago. More than half think they might advance at their company.

Many young adults carry student debt

College students are finding that student loans affect their lives as much as their education does, according to a recent survey.

Almost seven out of ten respondents are paying off student loans or have spouses who are, and the average outstanding balance is greater than $29,000. Almost four of 10 graduates with college debt expect to take more than 10 years to pay off their loans.

The Internet poll was sponsored by AllianceBernstein Investments Inc. and surveyed 1,508 college graduates ages 21 to 35.


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