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MLB power rankings week 10

Every week of the regular season, The Augusta Chronicle's Andrew Festa and Miguelangelo Hernandez will rank the major league teams.

Current Rank -- Team -- Previous rank

1. St. Louis Cardinals 3

Quality backups have stepped in for Chris Carpenter and Jim Edmonds

2. Detroit Tigers 1

Now that the schedule is getting tougher, we're seeing what they're made of

3. New York Mets 4

Pedro vs. Brandon Webb was a spectacular pitchers' duel

4. Boston Red Sox 5

David Wells came and went quickly, but Coco Crisp is back

5. Chicago White Sox 2

Maybe Ozzie Guillen needs to have a tirade after each game

6. New York Yankees 9

The Yankees have depth. Who'da thunk it?

7. Toronto Blue Jays 8

Alex Rios is a complete player and a star in the making

8. Texas Rangers 6

Akinori Otsuka has done an admirable job as closer

9. Los Angeles Dodgers 16

They're hoping Eric Gagne stays healthy

10. Arizona Diamondbacks 10

They're not flashy, but they're getting it done. Eric Byrnes has been on fire

11. Cincinnati Reds 7

If either Bronson Arroyo (2.58 ERA) and Aaron Harang (3.70 ERA) goes down, they're in trouble

12. Philadelphia Phillies 13

Ryan Howard hit 13 homers in May, and Brett Myers hasn't allowed more than three runs in any game this year

13. Cleveland Indians 19

Too bad C.C. Sabathia (1.71 ERA) can't pitch every other day for them. The next best ERA for an Indians starter is 5.00

14. San Diego Padres 15

Trevor Hoffman is back to being automatic

15. Oakland Athletics 14

Rich Harden will be back soon at least

16. Atlanta Braves 11

Bullpen issues have to make Bobby Cox sick to his stomach. Where do they find these has-been relievers?

17. Houston Astros 17

Maybe Roger Clemens should have signed with a team that scores a few runs

18. Milwaukee Brewers 12

Getting swept by Pirates not a good sign for Ned Yost's team

19. Los Angeles Angels 26

This team has found a spark in Jered Weaver, Kendry Morales and Dallas McPherson

20. Minnesota Twins 21

It's a good week when Liriano and Santana win ... too bad it seems they're the only ones winning

21. Baltimore Orioles 22

Is this the Corey Patterson the Cubs were hoping he would be? Or is he going to implode again?

22. Colorado Rockies 18

They're starting to fade, even though their pitching has been great thus far

23. San Francisco Giants 24

Anyone else sick of seeing Barry Bonds career homer highlights?

24. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 20

Their lineup will be stout when Rocco Baldelli and Jorge Cantu return

25. Washington Nationals 25

If Alfonso Soriano is unhappy in Washington, we'd hate to see how he hits when he's content

26. Seattle Mariners 23

Felix Hernandez and Jamie Moyer are set to star in the Young and the Ageless

27. Pittsburgh Pirates 28

Jason Bay's not the only bat in town. Jose Castillo and Freddy Sanchez have lifted this offense

28. Florida Marlins 29

Anyone wonder whether Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis are plotting their way out of Miami?

29. Chicago Cubs 27

Oooh, Phil Nevin. He'll help.

30. Kansas City Royals 30

New GM Dayton Moore can't make them any worse.


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