Originally created 05/29/06

Five questions with Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison is the longtime morning newscaster on WJBF News Channel 6.

1. What's the hardest thing about getting up so early each morning?

"Missing out on my morning kiss. My alarm is set for 3 a.m. My husband, Terry, awakes at 5."

2. What's morning weatherman Matt Monroe's most annoying habit?

" I think he's close to perfect. He puts up with me every morning, and that can't be easy."

3. Is there some requirement that your last name begin with an "M" to work at Channel 6? (Morrison, Monroe, Means, Montgomery, Meyers ...)

"To my knowledge, it is not an employment requirement."

4. If you didn't do this, what sort of job would you like to do?

"I guess it's a little late to be a Broadway dancer, but I might pick some type of job that involved performing, like acting. I would also consider a second career in advertising, real estate or public service. Perhaps I'd write a book or build a home for foster kids. I'm an optimist and believe anything is possible."

5. Favorite spot in Augusta?

"My church, Saint Mark United Methodist. From my pew, I see beautiful stained-glass windows, flowers and candles on the altar, and smiling faces from people who care about each other.

"The music and sermon are always inspiring. Both of my children were married at Saint Mark, and both of my grandbabies were baptized there.

"The church holds plenty of memories for my family and me. It's hard to think of anything lovelier than that."


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