Originally created 05/26/06

After Charles Larke - then what?

I have been following the on-going saga regarding Richmond County School Superintendent Larke's annual evaluation.

After many years of above-average pay raises and many lucrative perks, the Richmond County school board has suddenly decided to seriously review Dr. Larke's performance as the superintendent.

Seems to me that this inept group was somehow convinced to deal with what has been the status quo for years. It appears they were stirred to action by board member A.K. Hasan. God only knows what his agenda is.

However, the real question is: Does anyone remember how Dr. Larke became the superintendent? As I remember it, it was by default. After spending a sizable chunk of taxpayers' money on a nationwide search, the black and white board members could not come to a consensus. Five white, five black - no tie-breaker.

What a concept!

I have but one question for current school board members who are after Dr. Larke - after Dr. Larke, have you figured out how you are going to select the most qualified candidate, or are you going to subject the taxpayers to yet another Richmond County racial stalemate?

Bill Field, Augusta


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