Originally created 05/21/06

Don't swallow shameful 'Da Vinci Code' fiction

With the release of The Da Vinci Code in theaters, tongues will no doubt be wagging about how the Catholic Church is once again making a mess of the whole world. This attack on Christianity is not and could never be instigated by the church.

It is an insult to the Christian community, and unfortunately will be the downfall of many whose lack of faith and knowledge will allow them to be fooled by Hollywood's version of "truth."

Unbeknownst to many are the following facts:

- The Catholic Church is the largest provider of health care in the world.

- The Catholic Church maintains the largest educational system in the world.

- The Catholic Church is present and has been present for centuries on every continent and in places that most people have never heard or dreamed of.

- The Catholic Church has been spreading the good news for 2,000 years.

- The Catholic Church has stood unwaveringly, and many times alone, in the defense of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Through our faith in Christ, and through the works prescribed by Christ Himself in the book of Matthew, the Catholic Church has grown to over 1 billion members worldwide.

Educate yourselves to the "one truth." Do not be deceived by second- and thirdhand news about your mother on earth, the Church. Do not let Hollywood divide us as Christians even further.

M. E. La Pan II, Augusta


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