Originally created 05/01/06

Uno de Mayo

Illegal immigrants and their supporters today will try to punish you and the rest of America for having laws and borders.

And, oddly, California lawmakers are on their side.

In America, illegal immigrants will be boycotting schools, jobs and businesses and openly trying to close down cities. California and Mexican lawmakers are on record supporting this act of aggression - as if Mexico has a sovereign right to American jobs.

Moreover, in an unprovoked, punitive and racist swipe at American businesses in Mexico, residents there plan a "Nothing Gringo" day today in which they will try to harm American interests abroad by boycotting, ironically, some of the most pro-Mexican, pro-immigrant businesses in the world.

This is little short of an open, hostile "Uno de Mayo" attempt to annex the American southwest.

And some Americans support it!

How disingenuous and delusional - and, frankly, utterly offensive - for supporters to equate this perverted celebration of illegality with the civil rights struggle of the 1960s. There is no comparison. Then, black Americans were fighting for their legitimate rights as citizens of the United States. Today's illegal immigrants have no such rights, no lawful claim to American soil, jobs and benefits.

These illegal aliens also shame the memory of America's millions of legal immigrants who came here to become Americans the right and legal way - not to get a job and send money back home while disdaining English and the American way of life. Today, in a legacy of misguided "multiculturalism," there seems to be an attitude that America must not only accept anyone who decides to come here, but also must agree to subjugate American culture and language to the motherland's.

However peaceful, this is an invasion, and boycotting and clogging up the avenues of commerce today is an act of naked aggression.

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