Originally created 04/25/06

Well - a man can dream, can't he?

Spring has sprung; the Masters Tournament is over; and we Christians recently celebrated Easter. Lately, I have seen some people exhibiting good will and joy as if something good is going to happen in our city and country.

Therefore, I would like to muse a little. What if:

- the war in Iraq ceased this month and our troops would begin to come home immediately?

- the immigrants would stay home and not do our dirty work?

- Mayor Deke Copenhaver and the Augusta commissioners would build effective work and communicative relationships, and set achievable goals?

- The Augusta Chronicle would stop writing about Charles "Champ" Walker Jr. and support the James Brown Music Festival, and would write a column on the great leadership Dr. Charles Larke has provided the school system?

- the Rev. Otis Moss III of Tabernacle Baptist Church would change his mind and stay in Augusta, and former First Baptist Church pastor the Rev. Timothy Owings would be asked to accept the pastorship of a black church?

- William "Billy" Morris would donate millions of dollars to build a big coliseum in Augusta?

- a foreign automobile company would build a huge plant in Augusta and provide 5,000 high-paying jobs?

- black and white people would stop talking about racial problems and practice their religion?

- our nation would reduce the deficit; people would save money and make purchases later rather than using credit cards?

- we would walk more rather than drive everywhere and wouldn't worry about high gasoline prices?

- we would stop listening to radio talk-show bullies who spew a lot of propaganda?

- teaching school would become a highly-paid, prestigious profession, and all schools in the Richmond County school system would have a magnet component?

I must stop. Either this letter sounds very utopian, or I am becoming senile and nave. But I can dream, and sometimes dreams come true.

Tracy E. Williams Jr., Augusta


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