Originally created 04/25/06

Americans lack 'national will' to win

My generation is fighting the current war now, and I am not surprised that the "'60s kids" are willing to lose this one as they did to members of their own generation in Vietnam. So the fact that there are politically oriented general officers undercutting our forces at war shouldn't surprise anyone.

The enemy that we are fighting hopes and plans to defeat us at home in the arena of popular opinion, as they can't defeat us on the battlefield. What's going on in Afghanistan and Iraq is a grand "holding action," buying time for the American public to call it quits.

The enemies of this country and its ideals see America as decadent and weak, without the moral will to defend even itself. Judging from the actions of a people who care more about who is aroused by whom on a rerun of Friends, or what concert is at the local civic center this week, can I say it is a bad assessment?

One doesn't have to be a student of military strategist Karl von Clauzewitz to see that there is a tremendous apparent vacancy of what he called "national will."

I can honestly say that I understand the frustration of the Confederate soldier toward the end of the War Between the States. Although the Confederate army was ill-supplied and battered, it was still one of the finest light infantry and cavalry forces in the world. All of its achievements, however great, were thrown away by the bickering of the Confederate politicians, press and many former generals who seemed to forget that there was a war on.

Now, while listening to the self-important hot air of the same crowd that takes pride in causing their nation's defeat in Vietnam, it seems that all that is old is new again.

William McDaniel, Augusta


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