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Return gifts when engagement is broken

Dear Carson: Could you tell me what the etiquette is regarding a broken engagement? Should engagement gifts and money received be returned to the giver? How should this be done? Thank you. - Baffled Bride

Dear BB: All wedding gifts and money must be returned promptly with your thanks. The gifts you received were for a wedding, not an engagement. A printed notice should be sent to everyone on your wedding invitation list, informing them that your wedding has been canceled. It is unnecessary for you to give a reason of any kind. Remember that it is far better to have a broken engagement than a broken heart. Good luck.

Dear Carson: Our church is installing a new pastor. I am responsible for the invitations. Can you tell me the correct wording that should appear on the invitation? - Invitation Enigma

Dear Enigma: The church bulletin would normally have an announcement for the ceremony of installing a new pastor. It is often customary for churches to hold a reception in the fellowship hall after such a ceremony. An example of appropriate wording for such an occasion would be: "Please join us in the fellowship hall for a reception honoring our new pastor, Dr. Jonathan Doe and his wife, Margaret." Light refreshments are in order, such as finger sandwiches, punch, nuts and mints.

I hope you will organize a receiving line, which includes the new pastor, his wife, the outgoing minister and church officials who you feel would be appropriate.

Dear Carson: I was born in Atlanta and now live in Manhattan Beach, Calif. I am completing my undergraduate degree online with the University of Alabama. I have been given the task of completing one final "non-opinionated" essay entitled, "Communicating Appropriately in the Workplace and Business Arena" with subcategories in "The Importance of Professionalism," and "Respectful Communication Etiquette."

I believe this is a form of punishment for the way I responded to a faculty assistant with an e-mail about a week ago. Correspondence between the two of us involved my well being, to say the least. It was the only time in several years that I had to "speak up" to someone for them to finally listen to the individual student rather than a number on a dollar sign. The assignment has nothing to do with the class that I am finishing, but now is required for me to receive credit for the course. Please offer your guidelines. - Punished Student

Dear Student: I see a lot of rationalization and self-justification in your query. Your assignment seems to emphasize professionalism, courtesy and respect. My best suggestion is for you to eat a little humble pie. Write about tact, abstention from name-calling, raised voices, etc. You've heard the adage about "restraint of tongue and pen," and that seems to be on what your paper should focus.

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