Originally created 04/12/06

School system needs improving - now

Richmond County taxpayers should know where their Board of Education tax dollars go. Educating our children should be our first priority.

I have seen no educational progress implemented by Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke as he laughs all the way to the bank.

Zero-tolerance policy, in my opinion, is not in the best interest of all children - no creativeness and no common sense, leaving our schools with mini-police substation elements. But Dr. Larke feels he had done his job. All infractions somehow fall under zero-tolerance.

My concerns are that thousands of dollars on the BOE budget are listed as "miscellaneous;" pupils are suspended for lateness; dates expire for state grants; pay is given for unused sick time; Dr. Larke's $11,000 vehicle allowance; incentive pay; no support presence at any school functions, especially graduations for all schools; federal lawsuits; two charter schools still not approved by the state yet; too many mobile units on school sites; A-B honor roll students only take certain tests; suspended pupils on dates of certain tests come to school for attendance credit; and Dr. Larke refusing to give up his annuity.

Who keeps record of sick days, and who gets receipts for vehicle allowances? Not all high school students are given mandatory classes, costing parents $150 per class not given when their children have to make it up. Parents who want to transfer their children from underperforming schools are put on long waiting lists.

Local BOE trustees, Atlanta has left it up to you. It's not a black thing or a white thing. It's the right thing, Dr. Larke, and we are begging you to step up to the plate.

Annie Thompson, Augusta


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