Originally created 04/12/06

Daily financial data is sorely missed

How many families who subscribe to your newspaper have investment in stocks or mutual funds? A whole bunch, I'll bet; over age 50, probably most.

I would venture a guess that Chronicle publisher William Morris III and all his top management fall into the "Yes, we have such investment groups" category.

Some years ago, The Chronicle provided the daily market reports, but for some reason you stopped that and started a daily listing of a short list of stocks considered "of local interest." You did, however, give a complete recap of weekly stock activity on Saturdays. That was aggravating, but at least tolerable.

Now you've even stopped the Saturday recap. Why? You do give a mutual fund recap Sundays, but I'm concerned you'll soon do away with that, too.

The Chronicle claims to be a modern, efficiently run newspaper whose goal, I'm sure, is to satisfy its readers and build up its subscriptions. Lord knows, you provide enough ads and inserts to show readers everything and anything that's on sale anywhere in the region.

Now, honestly, would it take more than one full page of the paper to give area residents the daily information we need to successfully manage our investments? (Now you've just started running two full pages of Yellow Advantage advertising.)

So why not publish the daily stock and mutual fund reports? I feel confident you can afford it. You're driving many of us to subscribe to other newspapers that do provide that information, such as USA Today or The Wall Street Journal.

Wake up! Think like a big-city newspaper, not the Hicksville Gazette. Give your readers the financial information they need on a daily basis.

Bob Davison, North Augusta, S.C.


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