Originally created 04/12/06

Our leaders are abandoning us

Pro-illegal immigration rallies this week brought them out of the shadows and into the open.

We're not talking about the illegal immigrants; we're talking about the shameless politicians trolling for their votes.

Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., saw the gold in them there hills of protesters, and took full advantage of it - encouraging the protesters and acting as if the country has oppressed them.

Their comparisons to the civil rights movement are worse than offensive: The civil rights movement was about restoring the rights of blacks whose ancestors were brought here by force and enslaved. There is no comparison to today's illegal immigrants, who have come here freely and willingly and against the law to find employment - in the process driving down wages for America's poor.

Kennedy, Clinton and others like them have chosen sides: They would rather fish for Democratic voters than secure the borders - or, perish the thought, expect anyone to respect the rule of law.

Sadly, we fear our "leaders" in both parties have abandoned the federal government's obligation to secure our borders. Republicans seem intent on competing for Hispanic voters and not being outflanked by Democrats willing to cede just about anything to the illegal immigrant lobby.

In abandoning this responsibility, our leaders are abandoning us. Consider just the American ranchers on the Mexican border: They have put up with unfettered drug- and immigrant-smuggling, mini-landfills left by groups of illegals, damage to fences and other property, danger to cattle and depressed land prices that make it nearly impossible to sell and move to a safer, more regulated area.

Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton and their ilk have made their choice: They stand with the illegal immigrants, not with the besieged Americans being overrun on the border and elsewhere.

Why? Simple. They and other unscrupulous politicians figure the illegals will be voting in great numbers.

They're selling out America for votes.


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