Originally created 04/12/06

EU rightly sticks to Hamas aid cutoff

Good for the European Union.

There were concerns that, in response to pleas from Arab nations, the EU would back down on its pledge to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the terrorist Hamas-led Palestinian parliament.

So far, Hamas has refused to renounce war with Israel or even to acknowledge the Jewish nation's right to exist. Western nations vowed to cut off aid unless Hamas dropped those policies and promised to honor all previous agreements the Palestinian Authority made with Israel.

Hamas leaders, if you can believe this, claimed the aid cuts - basically handouts - would violate their democratic and human rights. Talk about an entitlement mentality! Hamas also denounced Israel's hostility toward it, which is like blaming an assault victim for being cross.

In any event, Europe did not get cold feet. The EU followed through on its aid cut over the weekend - though essential humanitarian aid for medicine, food and education will still be allowed to flow to organizations not connected to Hamas.

Elections have consequences. Most Palestinians knew, or should have known, that the West regarded Hamas as a terrorist organization and would suspend financial support to a Hamas-run government. There was no secret about that.

Besides, the aid can easily be restored - if Hamas will just have a change of heart and policy.


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