Originally created 04/12/06

French connection?

Another French surrender.

Rioting youths defeated the government of President Jacques Chirac when he retreated this week from a proposed law that would have made it possible for employers to fire workers aged 26 and younger within the first two years of their employment.

But be careful what you riot for.

What Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin know is that, without such protection against lazy, no-good workers, employers simply will avoid hiring young people at all - because it's nearly impossible under French law to get rid of them once you've hired them.

Thus, rioters will get the unintended consequence of continued high unemployment among the youth of France. Youth unemployment stands at 22 percent in France - allowing, of course, plenty of time to riot.

What the episode proves - besides the fact that French leadership is still spineless - is that there may be no turning back from the kind of intoxicating socialism France has drugged its people with.

Consider, too, the past year's riots by disenfranchised and demanding Muslim immigrants in France. It all goes back to the entitlement mentality.

America need not feel so superior, though: It is headed down the same path toward socialism.

How else can you explain the entitlement mentality of illegal immigrants here, who have been rallying and demanding rights? Or the new law in Massachusetts requiring people to buy health insurance - and penalizing employers who don't provide it for employees?

Socialism may provide a sense of security, but it's a false one. Unreasonable burdens on employers will only stunt job growth. Workers may be much harder to fire - again, hurting employers - but, as a result, jobs will be more scarce.

Socialism also strips workers of incentive to work hard, reducing productivity and competitiveness.

It also apparently corrodes the brain: Amazingly, student and union leaders say they will continue to protest, despite the French surrender. The goal: to get even more concessions from the government.

Is this really the path we want to be on?


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