Originally created 04/09/06

Sports Rants and Raves

I BELIEVE THE Lynx will win seven playoff games this year.

I HOPE BARRY Bonds doesn't break Babe Ruth's home run record.

SPORTSCASTER'S IDIOCY No. 9,973: "Here is our play of the game." In the fifth inning! Aren't they going to watch the rest.

BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL is investigating illegal drug use by its players. Why is it that if I own a business that hires drug users, the cops do the investigating; but if Big League Baseball hires junkies, the League does the investigating of itself.

HOW CAN WE compare the accomplishments of the likes of Snead, Sarazen, Hogan, and even Nicklaus and Palmer with golfers of this present day era, whose golf equipment allows unheard of 300-plus yard drives? Golfers of today are driving greens just a little under 400 yards long! I don't blame Augusta National for lengthening the course.


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