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Volunteers help Georgia Golf Hall of Fame blossom

As the Walrus said to the Carpenter in Through the Looking Glass: "The time has come ... to talk of many things: of Shoes - and Ships - and Sealing Wax - of Cabbages-and Kings." And the time has come for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame to talk of many things: of who we are, of what we are, of membership and of participation - volunteerism. To all of you, we make an appeal to come join us and be part of the exciting golf action generated by your state organization.

I am often asked, "What is this organization called the GGHF?" The GGHF is a living breathing entity, as dynamic as the evening news and as real as a morning cup of coffee. Above all, the GGHF is people. The volunteers - the staff implementing the direction set by the board of directors, the members, and the sponsors who work together to see that the GGHF is making a difference in golf in Georgia.

The GGHF, in truth then, is many things - but nothing at all without the people to whom this report is dedicated. If it were possible, this report would feature every single one of these important individuals. Instead, however, this report profiles in a general way the individuals who capture the essence of the GGHF spirit.

INSTITUTIONS SUCH as the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, by their very nature, seem to lack momentum. The dictionary definition suggests that an institution is a benevolent and presumably sluggish establishment. On the contrary, the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame is free and on the move! Crucial administrative, structural and policy-making changes recently have begun to show their full effect. These changes have helped the Hall of Fame continue establishing its local and national prominence.

I sincerely believe that we should sell our product and its values with all the energy we can muster. In that sense, we have a whale of a production to sell. All of the members of our board of directors are stars in their own right. That is why they were asked to serve on the board.

It is my job to guide and develop the GGHF and no one better than I recognizes or appreciates the collective influence of this group of talented people. I want to use that strength to better advantage than we have in the past and, again, respectfully request that all of our volunteers make every effort to become identified with the GGHF by making known their association with it in their everyday affairs and activities.

Volunteers from across the state, working on the many committees of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, have developed the necessary framework to ensure our future. Without the consent and approval of these volunteers, none of what we have accomplished at the GGHF could have come to pass. I have said many times that we can do anything we want to do if we want it bad enough.

YOU KNOW, therefore, that I believe in our capacity to improve recognition of golf in Georgia. Please let us begin a war cry that can be heard all over the state. Yes, until recently, one of America's great golf associations was in storage. I am delighted to report, however, that thanks to the imagination and indefatigable efforts of the volunteer structure, that the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame is now beautifully on display.

Becoming one of the best has not been easy, nor is staying there, but the satisfaction derived from getting there has been worth all the trouble, time and effort.

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the board for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.)


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