Originally created 04/09/06

Elegant touches elevate couple's country home

After years of living only seconds from Washington Road, Freddie and Patti Palmer moved to a rural portion of Columbia County, only minutes from Thurmond Lake near Mistletoe State Park.

"We love the peace and quiet," Mrs. Palmer said. "There's no traffic. The ride home is so relaxing. It gives me time to unwind. By the time I get home, work is left behind."

The cedar-and-stack stone home they moved into last April is very different from the French country-style home they lived in on Warren Road.

Mrs. Palmer describes her home as rustic yet elegant. It has the feel of a country lodge with a large fireplace, hardwood floors and stone throughout; however, details such as granite countertops and stone sinks add an elegant charm.

At Home With

The Owners: Freddie and Patti Palmer and their daughters, Carson, 13, and Haley (not shown), 16

The House: Two-story, cedar-and-stack stone country house covering 4,150 square feet, with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

It's a fact: The home's design was inspired by the Brookgreen cottage featured in Southern Living magazine. The Palmers added lots of square footage to the "little bitty" house, Mrs. Palmer said.


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