Originally created 04/09/06

Crack down on drunken driving

I have learned there are two things that will anger rednecks faster than anything: Try to take away their guns and their booze.

Earlier this year, a man got drunk in a local restaurant, then drove his vehicle down Bobby Jones Expressway at a high rate of speed and lost control, killing himself and three innocent people, including a precious young girl.

Shortly after that senseless act, I wrote Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength and asked him to call a press conference, and announce that he would begin random unannounced monitoring of people leaving places of business where alcohol is served. If those people act the least bit erratic, they will be stopped and tested for DUI. I received no response from Sheriff Strength.

Everyone knows that people go to bars, supper clubs and restaurants and drink booze, then get in their vehicles and drive home - endangering hundreds of innocent people every day in our community.

There is a supper club near my home where people fill the building, even stand around in the parking lot drinking their fill of booze, and then hit the road driving under the influence - and law enforcement apparently does nothing about it.

Recently, law officers entered several bars and clubs in Irving, Texas, and arrested people for public drunkenness before they left in their vehicles. You would think the community would applaud this action, but no. Instead, there was an outcry from business owners. You see, a bar owner evidently is more concerned about the profits from booze than the consequences of his patrons driving under the influence.

Sadly, the same attitude is prevalent in Richmond and Columbia counties, and it seems our law enforcement officers do absolutely nothing.

Paul L. Cook, Augusta


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