Originally created 04/09/06

Save Augusta; cut spending!

Recently, new Augusta Commissioner Joe Bowles was quoted in the paper about how commissioners keep spending and depleting the reserve account. He said something must be done before the city goes belly-up. I agree, but the question is: How?

Well, from my perspective the answer is simple: Cut spending! And here's how: In the short run, the commission should tell the city administrator to come up with an across-the-board, 2-percent spending cut. And if he cannot do it as requested, then the commission should automatically boost the cut to 3 percent.

For the longer term, commissioners should have an outside agency conduct a complete desk-audit of every position in the city and county government. I guarantee the results will be astounding and the savings astronomical.

The real question is: Does Mr. Bowles and his fellow commissioners have the backbone to do the job? What say, commissioners?

Frank W. Scharite, Augusta


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