Originally created 04/09/06

Honor the Civil War's many fallen, whether blue or gray

I recently had the privilege of visiting Gettysburg, Pa. I had joked to friends that I was intent on learning just how the Yankees had cheated during the epic Civil War battle of 1863.

What I found instead was an overwhelming reverence for the conviction and bravery of the soldiers on both sides of the battlefield. I simply cannot imagine the level of conviction to cause that these men felt. It is hallowed, somber ground, and something that every American should see. The monuments erected by the Northern states are magnificent in size and number. The monuments of the Confederate states are somewhat smaller and more reserved. The inscription on the small monument to the fallen soldiers of Georgia was particularly sobering:

We sleep here in obedience to law.

When duty called, we came.

When country called, we died.

Soldiers of the North or South - it doesn't matter. Recognize and honor those that sacrificed all for their cause. Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia is April 26.

Dave Goodbread, Augusta


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