Originally created 04/09/06

Rejecting the race card

Cynthia McKinney tried her best to deal the race card. Even her black colleagues asked her to deal them out.

After her 24/7 efforts to hide behind race for her behavior, the Congressional Black Caucus smoked her out and made her apologize on the House floor for the incident in which she struck a Capitol Hill police officer who didn't recognize her and stopped her for identification.

Her apology cannot have been terribly sincere - after days of her claiming she was a victim of racism. Nor was her apology specific enough to be credible. "There should not have been any physical contact in this incident," she said - though she might very well be talking about the officer who had to physically stop her in the hall.

And she called it a "misunderstanding." What? Did the officer "misunderstand" the meaning of her fist in his chest?

Let's hope this is a turning point in racial politics: a statement that blacks and whites alike are tired of demagogues playing the race card at every turn.


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