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Music and memories

North Augusta's youngest residents have not been left out of the city's centennial celebration.

On Tuesday, more than 200 pupils from elementary through high schools will participate in Signs of the Times: A Salute to 100 Years of Music and Memories at Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta.

The 82-member elementary school choir, which combines the voices of fourth-and fifth-graders from North Augusta and Hammond Hill Elementary schools, held its first rehearsal March 30.

"We're excited," said Dr. Angela Burk-halter, North Augusta Elementary's principal and one of the coordinators for the musical revue. "We've worked hard on the centennial program."

The musical revue has been separated into decades, and a blend of music and skits from each time period - from 1906 through 2006 - will be highlighted.

The elementary school pupils have the era from 1906 to 1926 and will be singing a medley of songs which include Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me and Down by the Riverside.

The words of Down by the Riverside have been altered for the program to praise the city as "the place to be, the place to raise a family, a place to work and rest and play, a wonderful place to call my home. It's where I'll stay and will not roam.

Yes, North Augusta's the place to be."

Skits and photographic displays will tie the music together, Dr. Burkhalter said.

There will be no backdrops in the church. Signs, in keeping with the theme of Signs of the Times, will keep the program flowing, she said.

The newly constructed Victory Baptist Church sanctuary is the largest venue in town, and Dr. Burkhalter said she expects the 2,300-seat building to be sold out the night of the performance.

Also appearing at the revue will be Dan Bollman, portraying North Augusta's founder James U. Jackson.

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What: Centennial Musical Revue, Signs of the Times: A Salute to 100 Years of Music and Memories

When: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Tuesday

Where: Victory Baptist Church, 620 W. Martintown Road

Cost: $2 adults, $1 children 12 and younger

Phone: 442-6280


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