Originally created 04/08/06

Campbell touting his history of safe driving

COLUMBIA - While Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer deals with the fallout from being stopped for speeding twice recently, lieutenant governor candidate Mike Campbell says he's got no problem with the speed limit.

"I think I've gotten one ticket in 16 years," Mr. Campbell said Friday. "It sounds crazy, but I've always been a pretty safe driver."

The Highway Patrol stopped Mr. Bauer at least twice in the past four months for speeding but did not issue a ticket. In a stop Feb. 25, he was traveling 101 mph in a 70 mph zone along Interstate 77 in Chester County.

News of the stops prompted Mr. Bauer to acknowledge he had a lead foot and would commit to slowing down, both behind the wheel and in the number of events he attends. As part of his public apology, he walked to work and 10 miles to Lexington to file for re-election.

Mr. Bauer, who is seeking his second term, faces Mr. Campbell and Dr. Henry Jordan in the Republican primary in June. Dr. Jordan entered the race last week, partly because of Mr. Bauer's speeding incidents, he said. Videotape of the stops was featured Friday on Mr. Jordan's campaign Web site.

Mr. Campbell, the younger son of late congressman and two-term Gov. Carroll Campbell, said he has tried to avoid talking about his opponent's run-ins with the law.

"I can tell you this: I've never driven 101 miles an hour in my entire life. Ever," Mr. Campbell said.


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