Originally created 03/27/06

This is not an encouraging sign

I travel in and out of the Augusta airport on a regular basis. On Wednesday, I arrived at the airport to discover a new 3-by-4-foot sign attached to the side of the building near the covered canopy. The sign read, "Only no unattended vehicles under the canopy." I was instantly confused and read the sign again: "Only no unattended ... ." Did this mean only unattended vehicles are allowed under the canopy, or did it mean that no unattended vehicles are allowed under the canopy? I would have to assume that it means "no" rather than "only no." (As a sidebar, there was an unattended vehicle parked under the canopy).

I took the time to go to the airport administration office to point out this error. Needless to say, I received less than a satisfactory response and left with a "we will look into it."

At a time just prior to the Masters Tournament, with literally thousands of visitors coming to our town, I found this situation to be an embarrassment. Several items came to mind:

- Where was the review and approval prior to spending taxpayers money to print this sign?

- Why didn't the firm printing the sign raise a flag and say it wasn't right?

- Why didn't the personnel installing the sign look at it and say, "I don't think this is right"?

Is this a testament to the level of education we have in Augusta? As long as we allow the illiterate, the uninformed and the "I don't care" and "What's in it for me?" crowd to run Augusta, I see no opportunity for progress.

Gregg Pennington, Martinez


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