Originally created 03/27/06

Spare us the rhetoric; give us facts

I went online to research presidential polling. Based on what I found Lowell Greenbaum's assumption that Bush has "the lowest poll numbers in history" ("Attacks on Feingold expose GOP fears," March 23) seems a bit like saying the sky is green.

This is the problem I find with the Democratic Party. Party members throw out statements without any explanation of where they obtained their information. If Dr. Greenbaum truly believes Sen. Russ Feingold is correct in asking for Bush's censure, then give us some facts as to why he feels this way. Two paragraphs of ranting about how the Democrats will make this country better, without giving any idea of how this will be accomplished, is an exercise in political comedy. Only mindless sheep will follow such logic. The thinking public wants facts.

Fortunately, we have access to a vast library of history and current events at our fingertips. I'm sorry, Dr. Greenbaum, but your undocumented rantings and your mudslinging without facts no longer cuts it with an enlightened public who want only to know how you plan to accomplish all your lofty ideas. If you can furnish us with facts, and figures, you might get the Democratic Party out of the ditch it seems to be digging for itself.

I, for one, would like an honest discussion about facts. The wet mud can stay in the ditch, along with anyone who continues to shovel it.

Carolyn Gatliff, Waynesboro


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