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New home-video releases

Here's a look at what's new this week in home video and DVD releases and a calendar of what's coming:

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (WARNER BROS., TWO-DISC SET, $30.97; SINGLE DVD, $28.98): The whiz kid and his conjuring classmates cope with the usual problems of puberty - whom to ask to the enchanted school dance, which dragon they'll battle in the big sorcery showdown, whether they'll have their necks wrung by the minions of darkness. The fourth blockbuster in the fantasy series pits Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) against old nemesis Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and casts Hermione and Ron (Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) under the spell of first love. A single-DVD edition has just the movie, while a two-disc set adds a batch of deleted scenes, interviews with the actors, and a series of features and games centered on Harry's challenges in the Triwizard Tournament: His dragon tussle, underwater adventure and conflict inside a maze.

JARHEAD (UNIVERSAL, $29.98, OR $39.98 FOR TWO-DISC SET): The Persian Gulf War is the setting for this Full Metal Jacket-lite exploration of the insanity of combat. Jake Gyllenhaal leads the cast as a Marine sniper slugging his way through the first U.S. war with Iraq, accompanied by his Marine comrade (Peter Sarsgaard) and his sergeant (Jamie Foxx). The film comes as a single DVD or in a two-disc set, each packing deleted scenes with an introduction by director Sam Mendes, who also offers commentary for the full movie. Anthony Swofford, whose memoir was the basis for the film, and screenwriter William Broyles Jr. team for a second commentary track. The two-disc set adds features about real Marines who served in the war and video diaries created by cast and crew.

JUST FRIENDS (NEW LINE, $28.98): Ryan Reynolds stars as a once tubby teen, now a trim, successful music exec, whose visit home has him chasing the old high-school girl of his dreams (Amy Smart), jousting with a rival (Chris Klein) and baby-sitting a pop diva (Anna Faris). The DVD has deleted scenes with commentary from director Roger Kumble, screenwriter Adam "Tex" Davis and producer Chris Bender, who team with other crew members for commentary on the full movie. Other extras include nine making-of features and a music video.

PRIME (UNIVERSAL, $28.98): Uma Thurman discovers that dating your therapist's son can be bad for your mental health. The romantic comedy stars Ms. Thurman as a 37-year-old divorced woman who falls for a 23-year-old artist (Bryan Greenberg), only to learn that his mom also is her shrink (Meryl Streep). The DVD features 10 minutes of deleted footage and outtakes, along with a behind-the-scenes segment with writer-director Ben Younger, who joins producer Jennifer Todd for commentary.

POLICE WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (SONY, $49.95): Angie Dickinson is back as L.A.'s hottest undercover cop in the 1970s crime series. The five-disc set has the first 23 episodes, with commentary by Ms. Dickinson.

THE BRADY BUNCH: THE COMPLETE FINAL SEASON (PARAMOUNT, $39.99): Here's where the story ends for the lovely lady and the man named Brady, not counting the reunion movies and big-screen remakes. The four-disc set packs the last 22 episodes.

FREE ENTERPRISE (ANCHOR BAY, $19.98): William Shatner co-stars in this Trekkie cult favorite about two Star Trek fans (Eric McCormack of Will & Grace and Rafer Weigel) trying to boldly go on with life in L.A. after a disillusioning encounter with the real Capt. Kirk. Mr. Shatner contributes commentary to the two-disc set.

- David Germain,

Associated Press

Coming attractions

Just out: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Howl's Moving Castle, Jarhead, Just Friends and Kids in America

Coming Tuesday: Good Night, and Good Luck; The Passenger; The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; Spring Break Shark Attack; and Townes Van Zandt: Be Here to Love Me

March 21: Capote, Chicken Little, Derailed, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, The Dying Gaul, Everything is Illuminated, In the Mix, Loggerheads and Paradise Now


March 28: Get Rich or Die Tryin', Stay


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