Originally created 03/09/06

Neighbors aren't who they used to be

Isn't it a crying shame when you're trying to clean up your yard (because people talk if you don't), and some knucklehead calls the fire department on you?

Yep, I was burning a few small limbs and some scraps from fixing up my house, and one of my fine neighbors called them. Someone's house or business could have been burning down and the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department is wasting time and money at my house in south Richmond County worried about a scrap fire that was well under control in a pit with me standing ready with two water hoses at hand - one hose in hand wetting down the area around the pit.

You know, there was a time when neighbors were friendly and talked and respected one another, and when they had problems they'd try to work them out first. Thanks, neighbor.

Daniel A. Caraway, Augusta


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