Originally created 02/27/06

How much worse can this possibly get?

Will it ever end? Just as we think homeland security and the Bush administration couldn't get more inept and incompetent, we learn the Bush administration casually and secretly planned on approving sale of control of six of our major ports to a company controlled by the United Arab Emirates.

This is the same United Arab Emirates that has been the transfer point for rogue nuclear weapons components, and that has harbored al-Qaida terrorists.

This is the same United Arab Emirates that funnels money through their very own banking system to support terrorism around the globe. This is the same United Arab Emirates that recognizes the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and calls for the destruction of Israel. This is the same United Arab Emirates whose very own citizens were involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Where does the Bush administration loyalty really lie? Each passing day only confirms it's not with America.

Is this administration completely out of their minds or are we for allowing Bush and his cronies to remain in power for one additional day?

A bipartisan coalition is currently forming to demand an immediate investigation of why such a deal was even contemplated, let alone passed without a concern in the world. ...

It is imperative that readers contact their senators and representatives today - and demand this deal be reversed, and any attempts by Bush to veto legislation disrupting this irresponsible sale be overturned.

Many in this country believe the 9-11 attacks could not have succeeded without a deliberate stand-down by our own government. Is this yet another example of that or the confirmation we've been waiting for?

Dennis G. Rocque, Martinez


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