Originally created 02/22/06

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Here are this week's tip from the South Carolina Healthy Challenge.


Never skip a meal - especially breakfast. Skipping meals slows metabolic rate (calorie burning), zaps your energy and sets you up for excessive hunger, which leads to overeating and dietary indiscretions.

- Ann Kulze, MD - Nationally recognized nutrition and wellness expert


If you are not yet in shape, remember to ease into your exercise program and not try to be in shape the first day.

Start slowly, maybe twice a week at first, then three times a week, but develop a routine. A routine usually takes about 21 days to develop.

- Ron Koch, St. Andrews Parks, Charleston


Quitting smoking has visible and immediate rewards by helping stop the damaging effects of tobacco on your appearance, such as premature wrinkling of the skin, bad breath, stained teeth, gum disease, yellow fingernails, and bad-smelling clothes and hair.

- American Cancer Society

Source: www.healthysc.gov


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