Originally created 02/22/06

Who still can't see president's folly?

I was surprised to see President Bush's approval rating is still in the 30s. I would think it would be lower. However, when I read Keith Shaffer's and Kevin Burns' letters ("History's lens will magnify Bush," Feb. 4, and "Letter misfires on so many points," Feb. 11, respectively), I realize there are still many misinformed people who don't want to face reality and admit this administration is one of corruption, cronyism and misjudgment.

Iyad Allawi, the former prime minister of Iraq, stated he wouldn't be surprised to see a civil war develop - which some people think already has begun. This administration was told what to expect if we invaded Iraq but chose to ignore the facts. If Iraq does have a civil war, does this mean the sacrifice of the thousands wounded and killed brave men and women would have been in vain? Just like Vietnam? The Iraq war has cost us over $400 billion and counting; this includes the $8.8 billion unaccounted for and the millions paid to Halliburton to furnish contaminated water to our troops. There are also over 50 cases of fraud and war profiteering being investigated and most of the contracts were no bid and given to the current administration's cronys.

This president and his policies have made America the most hated and ridiculed country in the world. I would like to thank Scooter Libby, Michael Brown and Jack Abramoff for testifying on how corrupt and inefficient this administration has been. President Bush has used fear as a crutch to try to bolster his ratings. What a difference from what President Franklin Roosevelt said when he stated the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ...

To sum up President Bush's failed domestic policies, one needs to look no further than his budget: billions for the war and nothing for the middle class. Support our troops - vote Democrat.

Carroll C. Kenny, Martinez


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