Originally created 02/11/06

Teen makes his own winter wonderland

The National Weather Service said it was supposed to be cold and dry Friday morning.

But when it came to the forecast for Cameron Cooper's National Hills front lawn, they were only half-right.

The 16-year-old, self-described snow enthusiast used a home-built snow machine to cover his yard, and nearby trees, with the white stuff.

Using an air compressor and pressure washer, plus some know-how a la Google, he covered the brown winter grass to make the mini-winter wonderland, the same way ski slopes make snow.

Though it was starting to melt by the time the sun was up, there was still a small snowman built in the front yard, surrounded by a few sledding boards.

"It was just for entertainment," he said, as he came from a snowball fight with his brother, Chase.

"There will be nights when I do it," he said, "when it gets 27 (degrees) or below," Cameron said. The weather service said it got down to 23 degrees early Friday.

"I was hoping to have a white Christmas this December, but it was too warm."

What about his mom? Did she get mad?

No, to the contrary, she was quite amused by the whole thing.

"I thought he was a little crazy, but ever since he was a small child, he's been obsessed with snow," said Bridget Cooper.

"To have him home from school was not part of the plan, but I'm going to take him later," she said.

"First thing this morning, (the snow) was great."

They've even traveled to find snow, venturing to Louisville, Ky., after a nor'easter brought 15 inches of snow there.

In fact, Cameron's snow obsession could lead to a profitable side job.

"There have been some people that on any given night, would pay him to give snow for them," his mom said.

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