Originally created 02/11/06

Book examines black upper crust

I'm an avid reader of books written by brilliant African-American authors. Therefore, I'm recommending to other avid readers the renowned, awesome and national best-selling book Our Kind of People, by Lawrence Otis Graham.

I'm impressed and fascinated with the author because he wrote in-depth and extensively about an elitist African-American culture that he's a part of. His book is profound and educational because he dissects and effectively articulates what really transpires inside of the world of this elitist culture. This masterpiece is provocative, controversial, dramatic, gripping, thrilling and tantalizing.

This book abounds with rich, significant and meaningful educational and social history about the lives of these elitist people. This book definitely has enhanced, enriched and enlightened my mental state about these individuals. This has been the best book that I have read in the past five years.

For me, this book is an oxymoron for African-American elitist life in America. In essence, I'm in awe of these individuals for overcoming racial hatred and discrimination to become American success stories. But I'm appalled by their hypocrisy that has exposed their superficiality.

The majority of these individuals are strong and avid supporters for the Republican Party. And this political party has a reputation of being anti-African-American. Therefore, it's time for these elitists to stop playing on both sides of the fence.

These prominent and renowned individuals are never going to be accepted as equals by the dominant American culture, but I do admire them for not allowing this dominant culture to define them. They know who they are and what they are about. These individuals are a true representation of some of the best and brightest minds in our nation. In spite of their faults, I'm proud that they are my people. Read the book!

E. Maner, Augusta


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