Originally created 02/11/06

Letter misfires on so many points

After laughing my - well, let's just say "buttocks" off (although I wanted to use an entirely different word), I just have to respond to Lowell Greenbaum's recent installment in his newest advertisement for his insanity ("Democrats fight for what is right," Feb. 9).

First, he states something about his gas prices. This is funny to me since it is his party that has prohibited us from exploring for more oil in our own confines. It's also funny since most taxes are the gift of Democrats. The heating bill, which he refers to, falls in this category as well.

The next thing is soldiers and Marines dying in Iraq.

I train some of the most deployable units in this country, the Stryker Brigades, as well as being a veteran myself. They believe in the mission. They believe what they are doing is right. Lowell Greenbaum is a political opportunist that is using them for his own gain.

As for the comparison between New Orleans and Iraq, I would only need to direct him to the Marshall Plan.

New Orleans has an opportunity. Iraq, before we arrived, did not. It is in our best interest to have a democracy in that region. Many problems with New Orleans have everything to do with their own beliefs, and that is that the government is there to provide for them. I am from Mississippi, which has been ignored.

As for the tax cuts, it is proven that tax cuts create jobs. Kennedy did it. Reagan did it. Bush did it. All produced jobs. Am I to assume that Greenbaum's not a Kennedy supporter anymore? Poor people do not create the jobs.

As for Jack Abramoff, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., is also involved. I will hold my breath for his bashing of him. I would love to say more, but can't.

Kevin Burns, Evans


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