Originally created 02/05/06

Rants and raves

IN THIS ERA of egomaniacs, Jerome Bettis is a bonafide star. I am not a Steelers fan, but I hope Pittsburgh wins the Super Bowl for The Bus.

ABC SPORTS SHOULD be ashamed, forcing us to listen to Brent Musburger broadcast football games. He gives us his totally biased opinion about everything, and fails to tell us what he is being paid to tell us. While doing the Fiesta Bowl, I am convinced that he was being paid by Ohio State.

CHRIS GAY'S "RATINGS" on area college basketball are a fantasy. He continues to rate Aiken Tech (a junior college at best) with Paine, Augusta State and USC Aiken (four-year schools), which is total apples and oranges. Aiken Tech couldn't play with any of these three, even on their worst nights.

A BIG RAVE and thank you for the article you all put in about Vaughn Taylor. He, as well as Charles Howell, will probably never realize how many true fans that pull for them feverishly in the Augusta area. We want all the information and insight into them as possible. By the way, the Tiger leaving Orlando article wasn't bad either.


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