Originally created 01/22/06

Sports rants and raves

THIS IS A double sports rant for Falcon Coach Jim Mora. I have lost a lot of respect for him this year.lst-- He hasnt handled the offense correctly with Vick. He is bottling him up and not using him to his ful potential by trying to put him in an offfence that doesn't fit his style. 2nd -- I mean in the playoff scenerio everybody from the water boy to the owner knows where the team stands mathematically going into the end of the season and what you have to do---not take a cell phone call in overtime to see whether you have to win, tie, etc.. HOPE he gets it together for next year!

WHAT A PROGRAM they could have if they would handcuff all the Howies and Zowies, and Terrys and Jimmies and Flopsies, Mopsies and Cottontails who blab a mile a minute and flail away with their hands between halves and on sports centers. These clowns wouldn't be able to utter a word. Did they all major in Semaphore Signaling on their college scholarships?

IT WOULD BE nice if NFL game TV producers would cut away to something else immediately after a player makes a halfway decent play (which he is payed several million a year to do once in a while).

This would spare us seeing the never ending strutting around like a demented, boneless, paraplegic peacock. Show the play several times, but spare us the antics.

Even clowns it the stands are starting to perform for the cameras.

THIS IS A rant for The Augusta Chronicle. I was not able to stay up late enough to see the end of the Georgia game, the Sugar Bowl. I have been trying to find out all day what the ending score was. The Augusta Chronicle showed every single thing about the game except what the score was. I know every score to every other bowl game except the Sugar Bowl. They even have large pictures of what happened in the game and there's no final score anywhere. What's up with that?


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