Originally created 01/22/06

Sealed records preserve dignity

I was concerned when I read in The Augusta Chronicle regarding the South Carolina Press Association quote, "I think they're just trying to cover up the details here, and I can't imagine why." Really? How about simple compassion for the families? How about human dignity? What about doing it because it is the right thing to do?

So I was appalled when I read your editorial ("Sealed from scrutiny," Jan. 19), and the The Chronicle jumped on the bandwagon of "society's right to know" (and yes, I do understand the law).

However, the fact is that the media does and will act irresponsibly. Given the statements made in your editorial, I expect to see the details of the court records published in this newspaper "in the interest of society determining whether the justice system functioned," and "preventing such tragedies in the future." Really?

I was heartened by the commendable actions of the three TV stations in turning over to police - without viewing them - the DVDs they received. Could The Chronicle just drop this pursuit of the public right to know in this case, for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do?

Betty Rushin, Edgefield, S.C.


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