Originally created 01/22/06

Action on Iran must come soon

When tiny Israel (smaller than New Jersey) speaks, the world listens - intently. Rightly so, as the Israeli government has little time for, and does not tolerate, idle threats.

Israel has been threatened since its rebirth in 1948 by the Arab-Muslim world. Israel usually retaliates swiftly when they are attacked but, more importantly, they have vowed that they will not sit idly by and wait for Iran or any Arab neighbor to acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them with Israel as the target. If an impoverished nation such as Pakistan can acquire nukes, certainly Iran can.

Twenty-five years ago, Iraq thought it was idle Israeli talk, and proceeded to build a nuclear weapon facility. Well, they found out differently; there was nothing idle about the Israeli bombing of their nuclear ambitions.

Today is quite different, and there is little ambivalence about Iran's nuclear plans. Furthermore, Iran has pledged to wipe Israel off the map, which could be done with a nuclear bomb. Israel, duly warned by Iran, cannot and will not wait for that to happen. The "all-talk" European Union, Russia and China will not dissuade Iran from what their mullahs have vowed. More talks and U.N. sanctions won't work. This leaves the United States, maybe Great Britain and possibly Australia to come to the military aid of Israel.

It is known that the Iranian people are largely pro-Western. That being said, maybe there is another way - maybe an implosion in Iran, a revolution, a coup encouraged and backed by the West is the sanest way to forgo a nuclear holocaust in the Mideast. Other countries in that region have been created that way and are none the worse for it. But it must be done very, very soon.

Bob Groothand, Augusta


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