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Aiken County Detention Center bookings

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Jan. 6-12. Suspects are innocent until proved guilty:

Jan. 6

Ronald Reco Ashley, 25, armed robbery

Angela Michelle Daugherty, 26, driving under suspension, careless driving

Keneniski Jarrell Glanton, 23, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

Sammy Lee Herrington Sr., 58, shoplifting less than $1,000

Margaret Amos Holley, 27, driving under the influence

Jeffery Todd Prothman, 35, disorderly conduct

Darryl Romond Robinson, 27, criminal domestic violence

Derek Durell Thomas, 19, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana

David Timothy Valentine, 43, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, operating an uninsured vehicle, seat belt violation

Jason Raymond Waters, 23, criminal domestic violence

Anita Denisa Williamson, 19, criminal domestic violence

Antonio Altos Bolanos, 26, reckless driving, no driver's license, seat belt violation

Jan. 7

Gerald Leslie Carlisle, 26, disorderly conduct

Michael James Costigan Jr., 19, driving with unlawful alcohol content

Brandon Alec Croft, 20, assault and battery, trespassing after notice

Craig Anthony Fraser, 27, driving with unlawful alcohol content

Sharon Kay Green, 45, failure to comply with lawful order, disorderly conduct, gross intoxication

Kennard Eric Stephens, 38, driving under suspension, providing false information, illegal possession of legal liquor

Jan. 8

Monty Steven Boatwright Jr., 38, criminal domestic violence

Rodney Tyrone Gantt, 47, trespassing after notice

Larry Pope Miles, 44, resisting arrest with deadly weapon

Damien Torell Padgett, 28, open container, failure to comply, giving false information, assault and battery

Lameaka Shran Padgett, 23, failure to comply, simple assault and battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, threatening public official; three fraudulent check warrants

Marcus David Spann, 24, failure to comply with lawful order

Jan. 9

Craig Taylor Corbett, 38, family court civil contempt order

Fernando Macias-Perez, 72, disorderly conduct

Lola Mae Patterson, 46, pedestrian intoxication on highway, possession of drug paraphernalia

Brian Matthew Waack, 24, driving under the influence

Patrick Nelson Weber, 28, shoplifting

Annette Stone Willing, 43, disorderly conduct

Tessa Deanne Wilson, 34, simple assault and battery

William Heath Cadden, 35, driving under the influence, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jan. 10

Byron Perdell Daniel, 45, driving under the influence

Angelyn Lorraine Jones, 44, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal transportation of legal liquor

Athia Louise Lloyd, 24, driving under suspension, fraudulent check less than $500

John Fitzgerald Morgan, 38, driving under the influence, no driver's license in possession, no proof of insurance

William Edward Parker Sr., 42, driving under suspension, unlawful use of telephone

Lisa Ann Preston-Greene, 37, disorderly conduct

Barry Jacoby Smith, 21, simple possession of marijuana

Rex Alan Tompkins, 50, driving under the influence

Wyatt Ernest Wanninger, 45, molesting children

Charles Randolph Williams, 51, driving under the influence

Claudia Teressa Busbee, 33, providing false information, fraudulent check, driving under suspension, violation of probation

Elizabeth Nichols Monahon, 25, driving under the influence

Joseph Richard Randazzo, 40, driving under the influence, no valid driver's license

Michael Evan Smith, 19, open container, driving under the influence

Ricardo Marquez Thomas, 21, disorderly conduct, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jan. 11

Travis Harry Cochrain, 26, criminal domestic violence

Ryan Joseph Corso, 18, simple possession of marijuana

Anthony D'Amico, 52, family court civil contempt order

Elvis Davenport, 34, failure to stop on police command, disorderly conduct

Gartrell Gordon, 39, failure to comply, trafficking cocaine, trafficking crack cocaine

John Benjamin Gunter IV, 20, minor in possession of beer

Ernest Lee Rickenbaker, 35, driving under suspension

Salvatore Joseph Russo, 29, driving under the influence, illegal transport of liquor

Stephanie Ann Thomas, 47, no driver's license, operating uninsured vehicle

Johaly Marie Torres, 22, malicious injury to real property less than $1,000

Africona Montrice Washington, 33, no valid driver's license, expired vehicle license

Karla Theresa Butler, 37, cruelty to children

George Russell Currey, 18, speeding, tint on car windows, drug paraphernalia

Jan. 12

Grover Dais III, 26, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana, seat belt violation, speeding

Ronald David Key, 23, criminal sexual conduct with a minor, lewd act upon a child younger than 16

Barbara Emiliana Ortiz, 42, drunk on highway

Melvin Keith Phillips, 25, driving under suspension

Richard Michael Price, 21, driving under suspension, speeding, no proof of insurance

Haskell Lester William II, 41, violation of order of protection

Andrew Kenneth Winkler, 39, expired tag, driving under suspension, no proof of insurance, operating uninsured vehicle


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