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Minutes for Aiken County School Board meeting

The following subjects were addressed at the Aiken County School Board's Jan. 10 meeting:

- Ratification of pupil expulsions. The board reserves the right to bar pupils from school who cause a disruption in the educational process or the orderly operation of the school.

- Adjustments to the district budget for the current academic year include increasing revenue and expenditures for grants and field trips.

- The Wal-Mart Foundation has awarded $1,000 grants to Mossy Creek Elementary, Hammond Hill Elementary and Paul Knox Middle schools. The funds will be used to purchase additional materials and supplies to support academic programs.

- A.L. Corbett Middle School's participation in the state Department of Education's Teacher Quality Research grant. The school will be granted $1,000 to purchase standards-based resources and instructional materials for teachers.

- Updates and revisions to the 2006-07 district technology plan that will be submitted to the state Department of Education. The plan's primary goal is to increase pupil achievement through the integration of available technology into the lesson plan. The plan is updated each year. The revised plan includes the 2007-08 school year.

- Updated expenditures for the Mossy Creek Elementary construction project that were not included in the original plans. Expenditures included the installation of additional sidewalks and drains.

- Annual review of the district's Five Year Facility Improvement Plan. The plan includes a detailed description of construction and cyclic maintenance projects during the next five years (2006-07 through 2010-11). Financial information concerns projects such as the construction of the new Byrd Elementary School and the Millbrook Elementary School kitchen and cafeteria renovation.

The next school board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the district office, 1000 Brookhaven Drive in Aiken.

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