Originally created 01/04/06

Changes would oppress blacks

Regarding the proposals to give Augusta's mayor veto power and the city commission deciding issues with a simple majority vote: I've searched high and low trying to justify these changes, and there's absolutely no reason to pursue them any further.

If Commissioner Andy Cheek, Commissioner-elect Joe Bowles, Mayor Deke Copenhaver and those who are seeking the changes would leave their personal agendas at home and work for what is best for every resident of Augusta, there would be no problem - and the commission could work together.

I know they say their opinions are not based upon race, but in fact they are. However, if they aren't, why were the changes not pursued while interim Mayor Willie Mays was in office? Black Augustans are not stupid. We know the reason behind the changes is to oppress us.

Wake up, Augusta. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Remember, man's heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. I pray that God will bless this commission as a whole. Please don't force me to ask Him to curse any of you.

Remember the pole at Fifth and Broad streets. Leave the commission as it is.

To Columbia County and North Augusta: Clean up your own back yards and leave Richmond County alone. You don't live here. I do.

The Rev. Sam Tanksley Jr., Augusta


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