Originally created 01/03/06

Letter writer's opinion needs to evolve

In Gene Howard's Dec. 29 letter to the editor - "Design doesn't appear that intelligent" - he lays out many bad decisions that man has made, and uses them to affirm his position that intelligent design is bunk.

Has Mr. Howard heard that, upon looking at even the simplest one-cell organism, many secular scientists have concluded that it is far too complex to have pieced itself together by chance?

Does Mr. Howard look at a car and say to himself, "Man, that's a nice car that just happened to have pieced itself together"?

Of course not! While there are many examples of man's stupidity, there are just as many examples of man's ingenuity and genius. The fact that we reject God's design and purpose for man is not evidence of evolution; it's evidence of our sinful nature.

If Mr. Howard looks at the wonderfully made human body and believes that this masterpiece came from a rock, as evolutionists believe, and I look at the same body and believe that God made it in His perfection, which of us really lacks an intelligent design?

Dan Duncan, Aiken, S.C.

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