Originally created 01/03/06

Political scrutiny of race is nonsense

Since we have such an effective, dramatically approved system of local government here in the Augusta-Richmond County area, why don't we take another giant step forward and set up all forms of national political governing bodies to function as cooperatively and lovely as our shining example of citizen-approved representation?

For example: If the president of the United States is white, the vice-president has to be black. And if the governor of the state is black, the lieutenant governor has to be white. Though this idea may sound silly and undemocratic, it is no less inane than the process that occurred following our endorsement to support consolidation. We were, without question, deliberately redistricted to guarantee minority representation. And this is a political, ethical no-no.

We desperately need assistance from the state Legislature, and this assistance should give serious attention to the possibility that Augusta-Richmond County may become a totally state-funded projects area in the not-so-distant future without positive intervention to patch up this leaking ship and turn it around.

This racial-profiling method of governing and disapproving issues that are best for all citizens has to take a back seat to the will of the spoken majority of citizens who voted for a new mayor that requires cooperation and support. Since he is the top vote recipient in this political area, his input should mean something regarding our future growth and progress. But if a couple of bad apples can spoil the entire barrel, how can a mayor-elect possibly accomplish his desire to move Augusta forward?

Also, there are a couple of commissioners who continuously rock the racial boat and react negatively to prosperous, important political motions.

Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta


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