Originally created 01/01/06

Sports rants and raves

CONGRATULATIONS TO GEORGIA Tech for winning the 2005 "We Suck" award.

FOR A HEAD coach to have to call on his cell phone to find out if a win, loss or tie will get his team into a playoff game, as we saw with Jim Mora and the Falcons on Sunday (sic), is inexcusable. He wouldn't be my coach for long.

TECH'S COACH DID a terrible job of getting his team fired up for their bowl Thursday night. Tech should have stayed home and avoided the embarrassment of such a poor performance. Tech could have went out on a high note for the year and boosted recruiting but instead fell flat on their face.

SUGGEST WE GET a new quarterback and have Vick as running back. He throws too many interceptions. Michael could then do what he does best, and could catch the ball, pass and run as options.

I DON'T KNOW why these sportscasters and these reporters are so reluctant to talk about the terrible season Brett Favre has had this year. They make excuses for his poor showing - injuries to the team and the disappearance of his offensive line this season. The fact is that he has not played up to par and has absolutely stunk the past two games. Brett, please think seriously about retiring so we can remember you as you were.

IT WASN'T BAD enough to have blithering babes babbling inanities along the sidelines between plays, now they have moved one into the booth, where the cacophony never stops.

I THINK IT was during the ever-popular Emerald Bowl somewhere out west, where Utah taught Georgia Tech some of the rudiments of the game.

I'M GLAD TO find that LSU is a really good team and Georgia is not.


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