Originally created 01/01/06

Ocean antics of 'Lagoon' will debut in newspaper

Some folks can find humor in anything, even in great white sharks.

For example, cartoonist Jim Toomey, whose toothy creation, Sherman, is the star of Sherman's Lagoon, a comic strip carried by more than 200 newspapers around the world.

The whimsical comic about Sherman and the other denizens of a Pacific Ocean coral reef begins a monthlong tryout Monday in The Augusta Chronicle.

Mr. Toomey graduated college with an engineering degree in 1983, according to information from King Features Syndicate, which distributes Sherman's Lagoon. Mr. Toomey also crafted political cartoons for his college newspaper and then two daily newspapers. He had drawn variants of Sherman since childhood after seeing sharks and other marine life on a family trip to the Bahamas. He started the strip in the 1990s.

Other changes begin Sunday, Jan. 8. Today is the last day for the limited run of Calvin & Hobbes in the comics section, and we're also dropping Shoe. They'll be replaced by Sunday panels of Brewster Rockit and Pearls Before Swine, strips we've previously run Monday-Saturday.

The Boondocks Sunday strip, which we dropped in 2004, returns to replace Brewster Rockit in Thursday's Applause entertainment section.

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