Originally created 12/26/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I BELIEVE THAT wearing seat belts should be completely voluntary. It's something called natural selection.

A RANT FOR THE South Carolina Department of Transportation. Atomic Road out of North Augusta has been torn up for over a month now. When is it going to be repaved?

I THINK THEY NEED a mandatory drug test for the Augusta Commission. The way they act, it's got to be something they're doing that just ain't right.

WHEN WE CRITICIZE retail shops for not saying "Merry Christmas," let's point out that Target pulled out of helping the Salvation Army - a staple of the Christmas holiday.

I WANT TO SEND A big rave to the manager of the Evans Wal-Mart. I had a bad experience in this store, and Mr. Patrick listened to my complaint and immediately made me feel like he appreciated my business by taking care of the matter. It is not often that this happens in any business. Thank you for restoring my faith in the belief that without customers, a business cannot exist.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the school systems. We take God and prayer out of the classroom, but we give the students vacation for his birthday?

A RAVE FOR OUR president. He can't control hurricanes but, boy, can he manage the economy. It's the best it's been in 10 years and unemployment is the best it's been in 30 years.

FOR YOU PEOPLE complaining abut property taxes going up, I tried to tell you that if you voted for SPLOST your taxes were still going up. Rants & Raves does not print anything I write, so you never got to read what I wrote.

THE REASON THE majority of Americans do not show respect for the U.S. flag is that it represents an imperialistic, corrupt evil government controlled by special interests and no longer represents the average American. My rant is for the nonthinking sheep who march lock-step with the official government line.

A LAW SHOULD BE passed on the federal level that if people don't work or go to school, they cannot vote.

THIS RANT IS FOR Santa. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking all the credit for Christmas. Just so you know, you are not the reason for the season. One should look at the word "Santa," there is another name you can spell with those letters.

IS IT JUST ME, or do others think that Betty Beard is in love with Ronnie Few? Why else would she be paying his rent at the Riverwalk condos, and trying to get him any job she can?

I WAS HIGHLY disappointed in Street and Trail during the Columbia County Parade. They should be setting a good example by wearing protective gear while doing wheelies and sharp turns on two wheels. They might be experienced riders, but accidents can happen.

THIS IS A RAVE for a Columbia County officer that was on Wrightsboro Road Dec. 6. Someone was finally out there stopping the high school students that have been speeding, passing illegally and driving recklessly. A big thank you!

WE NEED TO GET RID of all those old commissioners. All they talk about is race. All of their decisions are based on race. This city will never grow as long as we have all those old commissioners. We need young minds.


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