Originally created 12/26/05

Abortion, Social Security crises related

Politicians who insist that judicial nominees pass the pro-baby-killing litmus test also claim that President Bush exaggerates the Social Security crisis.

These liberal phonies also refuse to acknowledge the obvious connection between abortion and the Social Security crisis. Of the 48 million or more babies murdered in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade, more than 32 million would now be age 20 or older, contributing to our gross national product, paying income taxes and FICA taxes.

Abortion violates the right to life, a condition upon which all our other liberties depend. In addition to the evil of murder, abortion has disrupted personal, family and societal values, and caused great pain and other complications to mothers who have aborted their children.

We wonder why our society has become so violent, a problem of massive proportions, while we close our eyes to the mass murder which is a root cause of our decay. Baby boomers approaching retirement in large numbers have earned and deserve Social Security benefits. They also deserve the ability to direct benefits to private savings accounts, beyond the reach of those same uncaring politicians.

Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his Democrat-controlled Congress took Social Security from its independent trust fund and put it in the general fund where politicians of the same ilk continue to spend it and waste it to perpetuate their power over the poor. Even with Social Security heading toward bankruptcy, today's politicians want to spend it on 16 million illegal immigrants, and counting.

Our U.S. senators and congressmen who make pious statements about taxing rich folks to help the poor should practice what they preach and give the assets accumulated in their exclusive federal government retirement plan to the Social Security fund, and be limited to the same Social Security plan the rest of us have.

Vern J. Simon, Evans


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