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Symphony Guild Cotillion acknowledges debutantes

Twenty-six debutantes were presented Nov. 25 at the Augusta Symphony Guild Cotillion at Radisson Riverfront Hotel Augusta.

The chairwoman of the ball was Mrs. Rufus Byron Brown III. Donald Charles Portnoy was the honorary chairman. Brad Means served as the master of ceremonies. Dinner and dancing followed the presentation of the debutantes.

The first Augusta Symphony Cotillion took place in 1963 at the Richmond Hotel. Proceeds from the annual event benefit the Augusta Symphony Orchestra.

This year's debutantes are:

MISS ROBIN ANNE ALLEN: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wayne Allen; presented by Mr. Allen; escorted by Richard Andrew Allen and Ryan Michael Tyndall.

MISS ALEXIS PAULINE BASHINSKI: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bashinski III; presented by Dr. Bashinski; escorted by Benjamin Bashinski IV and Adam James Carlisle.

MISS SUSAN KATHRYN BOHLER: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Estes Bohler Jr.; presented by Mr. Bohler; escorted by John Douglass Cates V and Robert Dennis Bovard.

MISS BLANCHE MARTIN CONGER: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Preston DeWitt Conger Jr.; presented by Dr. DeWitt Conger; escorted by Alfred Marshall Martin IV and Eric Anthony Hauff.

MISS ELIZABETH MCKOY Davis: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard Davis Jr.; presented by Mr. Davis; escorted by Charles Bradley Wall Jr. and James Madison Love II.

MISS MADELINE BRIDGES EVANS: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roswell Evans; presented by Mr. Evans; escorted by Joseph Roswell Evans Jr. and Justin Keith Henry.

MISS MARGARET KENDALL FITCH: Daughter of Dr. Margaret Holloway Fitch and Mr. Paul Vencil Fitch II; presented by Mr. Fitch; escorted by Brannon Evans Fitch and Hollis McNeill Fitch.

MISS KAITLIN ANNA FOUSHEE: Daughter of Mr. Stephen Ross and Dr. Karen McGuigan Foushee; presented by Mr. Ross; escorted by Christopher Eladio DeLeon and Graham Pryor Roberts.

MISS LAUREN ELIZABETH GIBBS: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Gibbs III; presented by Mr. Gibbs; escorted by George Samuel Nicholson and James Leland Reynolds III.

MISS NATALIE CHARLENE HAMILTON: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lamar Hamilton Jr.; presented by Mr. Hamilton; escorted by Charles Davidson Freeman and Keith Hayward Guest Jr.

MISS BARBARA O'KELLEY HOCK: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Hock Jr.; presented by Mr. Hock; escorted by Charles William Hock III and John Chillian Hock.

MISS KATHERINE WILCOX HOOKS: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Vendie Hudson Hooks III; presented by Dr. Hooks; escorted by Vendie Hudson Hooks IV and Kenan Whitaker Yount.

MISS ALICE SANDERS HOUSTON: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Tennent Houston; presented by Mr. Houston; escorted by William Tennent Houston Jr. and Phillip Blake Collier.

MISS KRISTEN FLEMING HUDSON: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Gipson Hudson Jr.; presented by Mr. Hudson; escorted by William Cunningham Hopkins Jr. and James Harley Nalley.

MISS COLES PHINIZY HULL: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Meriwether Hull; presented by Mr. Hull; escorted by Jake Cody Boulware and James Scott Clancy.

MISS JANE MARIE MCKNIGHT: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Davis McKnight; presented by Mr. McKnight; escorted by Mason Harris McKnight IV and Thomas Kent Wagoner Jr.

MISS STEPHANIE MICHELLE MINOR: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Louis Minor Jr.; presented by Mr. Minor; escorted by Jack Louis Minor III and Timothy Michael McElrath.

MISS ABIGAIL KATE MULLINS: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Christopher Mullins; presented by Dr. Mullins; escorted by Stephen Christopher Mullins Jr. and Graham Keith Brantley.

MISS MARY WINIFRED NEW: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Athelstane New III; presented by Mr. New; escorted by Gary Powell Hughes and John William Roman.

MISS SUMMER CHARLOTTE O'QUINN: Daughter of Dr. James Lawton O'Quinn and Dr. Mary Hamby O'Quinn; presented by Dr. James Lawton O'Quinn; escorted by Eli John O'Quinn and Bart Colter O'Quinn.

MISS KATHRYN LEE POLLOCK: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Pollock; presented by Mr. Pollock; escorted by Mark Barnett Pollock and David Richard Levine.

MISS CATHERINE CARTER PURSLEY: Daughter of Mr. Norman Brundage Pursley Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Calhoun Pursley; presented by Mr. Pursley; escorted by William Calhoun Chalker and William Michael Bennett Boyd.

MISS MARY VINCENT PURSLEY: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. George Clark Pursley; presented by Dr. Pursley; escorted by Matthew William Mulherin Pursley and Van Buren Simpson IV.

MISS REBECCA JOYCE RAHN: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Wallace Rahn; presented by Dr. Rahn; escorted by Jason Daniel Rahn and Zachary Thomas Rahn.

MISS REBECCA ELIZABETH SMITH: Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Relihan Smith; presented by Dr. Smith; escorted by Michael Daniel Smith and Paul Griffis Trotter.

MISS VIRGINIA ELIZABETH LEIGH THORNTON: Daughter of Dr. John William Thornton III and Mrs. James Carleton Vaughn Jr.; presented by Dr. Thornton; escorted by John William Thornton IV and Robert Allen Watts.


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