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Awareness of others gives better manners

Dear Carson: I have two major gripes. One is about people who congregate in doorways before entering a room, making a traffic jam in the entry way. The other is for people who wear backpacks, continually bumping into other people who are close around them.

Won't you please address these two complaints so that the offenders will mend their inconsiderate behavior? - Doorway Decorum

Dear DD: I have a friend who refers to such offenders as having "doorway paralysis." They are simply taking in the room, seeing who is there and where they want to go.

This is a perfect example of a person or group of people getting their needs met at the expense of others.

As for the wearers of backpacks, they too, are oblivious to those around them. Being aware of the space around you better is simply considering the needs of others and for developing better manners.

Dear Carson: My husband and I had lunch today at a popular eatery. Our waitress was a young adult woman who talked so fast that we could not understand her. She was telling us what was on the menu, which we could see for ourselves.

When she finished her hasty monologue I felt as though I needed to lie down and take a nap. What is your take on this? - Rushed in Restaurant

Dear Rushed: It is my observation that many young adult women tend to talk very, very quickly and that it has been getting far worse in the past eight or 10 years.

When it happens in a restauran,t I have the feeling that I, too, am being rushed in order to make a hasty departure.

Dear Carson: My husband and I are excitedly holding our family Christmas at our home this year. We are looking forward to seeing everybody except for my aunt's dog. She claims her dog is not a dog and she brings it to family gatherings without asking.

We have a newborn and would very much appreciate her not bring her four-legged baby, but we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We love dogs, but are concerned about potential allergies. - Dog Gone

Dear Dog Gone: You are right to be concerned and my suggestion is to nip it in the bud. Give her a call and ask her not to bring her dog this time because you are concerned about your newborn baby.

Dear Carson: Why is it that when people use their cell phones they talk so loud and so long when they are around others? Cell phone addicts are found in airports, department stores, beauty salons and even in supermarkets. Please help! - Tired Ears

Dear Tired Ears: You are absolutely on the money about this irritating tendency to be glued to one's cell phone at all times. Ask them to tone it down, please.

Merry Christmas!

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