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Cameras capture Christmas mishaps

The holidays are a time of joy and laughter; good food and family fun.

They also can be a time of unmitigated disasters, frustration and even tears.

But wait! Just to make it more cringe-worthy later in life, we've got it all on film!

We asked readers to submit their best worst holiday photos, and they didn't disappoint.

There are crying babies, attacking Christmas trees, and, oh, yes, crying babies.

As you sit back and bask in the aftermath of presents, family and food, keep this in mind: At least your holiday wasn't this bad.

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes even the most straightforward of photos needs to be put in context.

EXAMPLE NO. 1: Nita and Travis Doss, of Augusta, put the finishing touches on their Christmas tree in 2000 just in time for Mr. Doss to take their grandson, Tyler, to an appointment.

While straightening the tree skirt, Mrs. Doss felt the tree wobble and the whole thing crashed down on her.

OK, here's the dilemma: Do you wreck hours of decorating effort to get out from under the tree or do you wait until help arrives and try to salvage your work?

Mrs. Doss expected her husband to be back within half an hour (you can see where this is going).

She decided to wait.

Fast-forward three hours. Mrs. Doss is under the tree. Her husband is nowhere to be found, and except for three phone calls spaced about an hour apart, it's been rather lonely at the Doss household.

Mr. Doss waltzes back into the house to find his beloved trapped under the Christmas tree. Because he loves her (and they obviously have a strong marriage), he memorializes the incident on film.

In case you're wondering where Mr. Doss and Travis were, after deciding that Mrs. Doss had left the house because she wouldn't pick up the phone the three times they called, the pair proceeded to Kmart, went to get their hair cut and dined at McDonald's.

EXAMPLE NO. 2: Sometimes the show must go on.

Pauline Banks, of Grovetown, wanted a picture of her grandchildren, Lauren Davis (from left), Taylor Davis and Chase Banks, while they were decked out in their Christmas jammies.

Taylor was on board until Grandma picked up the competition - baby Chase. Taylor immediately began crying at the unfairness of it all, which made Chase cry because, well, he must have been empathetic.

At this point, Lauren decided she wanted nothing to do with crying babies or photographs - and promptly burst into tears herself.

Grandma's response?: "Take it anyway!"

EXAMPLE NO. 3: Taylor Richards, of Augusta, had a close encounter with Santa during a 1998 photo op at Mike O'Byrne's photo studio.

It's a cute holiday shot, but what you're not seeing is the five seconds before the camera clicked.

According to Taylor's mom, Connie Richards, this is the last in a series of shots in which Taylor cuddles on a comfy chair, unaware that Santa is slowly moving up behind her.

Right before this last shot was taken, Taylor finally got a glimpse of her holly, jolly stalker - and was not pleased.


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