Originally created 12/25/05

Radio show is racially divisive

It would be easy to remain silent while an area black radio station talk show spews discord across the CSRA during its 8:30-10 a.m. broadcast.

Blacks generally don't criticize one another publicly when it comes to politics, except when blacks don't vote along racial lines. Maybe this is one of our faults, and perhaps it has held us back politically. But one of the low points of their show came when they made innuendos about the personal life of a local political figure, and called another political figure a Klansman - simply because they disagreed with their politics. How can this kind of talk bring about unity and reconciliation, even among ourselves?

It is this kind of garbage that compels me to break the silence. We are living in critical times. Either we, blacks and whites, work together and prosper, or we will become a city that "could have been," while other communities around us continue to grow.

I would have preferred to call the station and make my criticism directly to them, but they don't accept criticism or thought that is different from theirs. Personally, I think the show does more harm to this community than good. That is reprehensible.

But I don't hold the hosts totally responsible. I hold the owner responsible, and question the station's agenda. I have disagreed with your paper on many issues, and have written saying so. But never have you denied me the opportunity to be heard.

In politics you win some and lose some. As I recall, Augusta's mayoral race was a contest, not an inheritance. The people spoke. Willie Mays lost. Get over it. Also, Charles Walker was tried in a court of law and found guilty, and so was his daughter.

We need to move forward and give the present officeholders an opportunity to do this city some good.

Grady Abrams, Martinez


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